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Refugee Cycle Training pilot rolls out in the Waikato

The Refugee Cycle Training project is part of the Refugee Transportation orientation strategy delivered by Red Cross with the pilot currently being rolled out at the Settlement Centre, Waikato. The Transportation strategy feeds into the orientation of refugees...
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NZ Ethnic Football Festival

Event Coordinator – Patricia Novoa

Football is one of the most loved sports in the world, inspiring enthusiasm and passion from men, women and children of all ethnic groups.  Since 2002, the New Zealand Ethnic Football Festival has grown into the foremost ethnic gathering and cultural celebration that Hamilton hosts.  The vitality and vibrancy of the Festival is matched only by the excitement and enthusiasm of the participants.  This event has been successfully organised with the working group under the umbrella of HMS Trust since 2006

New Zealand has an increasingly diverse population. At present 83 different ethnic groups (representing 65 countries of origin) reside in Hamilton and this number is growing.  The purpose of the New Zealand Ethnic Football Festival is to bring together these diverse cultures to participate in a commonly shared passion and to showcase their sporting prowess and culture to the wider community.

The New Zealand Ethnic Football Festival has the following goals:

  1. To increase the awareness of cultural diversity in Hamilton
  2. To provide the opportunity for ethnic groups to mix, celebrate and share cultures.
  3. To promote Hamilton city as a leader in cultural diversity and ethnic event management.
  4. To encourage and promote participation in physical activity and healthy lifestyles.


Click here to visit the Ethnic Football Festival Facebook page for more information