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Digital literacy for former refugees
Computer Class

About Us

Computers in Homes provides training modules that help newly arrived refugees in Hamilton to access information through ICT and enhance learning outcomes for all family members. The programme  supports parents and other family members  to actively engage in their children’s learning.
Bilingual assistants are provided to ensure effective learning and communication throughout the course.

The goals of this project are:

  1. To provide refugee children and their families with access to online educational resources from home.

  2. To empower refugee families with the necessary computing tools and skills to become active participants in the online world.

As participants of the programme, each refugee family receives a refurbished PC or laptop and an internet connection for a period of one year.

Priority is given to recently arrived quota refugee families who:

  • have secondary school aged children

  • are headed by solo parents

  • are without computers

  • own a computer but require training


During the programme, refugee background families have access to Bilingual support, childcare, transport, and family liaison support.

Computers  in Homes  is funded by Ministry of Education  and the 20/20 Trust

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