COVID-19 Useful Links:

There are large amounts of information coming through from government for migrant and refugees and for service providers who support migrant and refugee communities. Below is some key information that may be of help to you.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has developed a COVID-19 Migrant and Refugee Information page on the INZ website to provide links to key information, messages and resources.

Emergency Food Support
If you can not access food or essential items, urgent help is available –  please contact Civil Defence: 0800 800 405

Employment rights and obligations
– Migrant workers have the same employment rights and obligations as all other New Zealand workers. Employers and employees must discuss in
good faith the implications of COVID-19 on their working arrangements.
– This unique situation raises a number of questions and concerns for people in the employment space. Up to date information is available on the Employment New Zealand website. Employment New Zealand 

Health Measures
Health Officers are screening all travellers arriving in New Zealand, including essential workers. Travellers deemed high risk will be assessed.
Alert Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 should call Healthline 0800 358 5453 for free and they will tell you what you need to do.

  • Free healthcare services available:  Doctor’s visits cost money but the NZ government pays for some of the fee. Public hospital services are free for anyone who is suspected to have COVID-19. This includes all visitor visa holders and temporary visa holders who may not otherwise be eligible for free or subsidised health and disability services in New Zealand.
  • Migrants in New Zealand who have or who are suspected of having COVID-19 are eligible for funded services relating to: Diagnosis  / treatment / follow-up services, and contact tracing services.
  • Warning: You must obey self-isolation rules and any other government health measures.
  • New visa conditions: Visa holders who do not comply with instructions from a Health Officer can be detained and deported.

Information in other languages  
The Office of Ethnic Communities
Video messages explaining New Zealand’s current COVID-19 situation in the following languages:

Arabic | Cantonese | English | French | Hindi | Indonesian | Korean | Mandarin | Persian/Farsi | Punjabi | Somali | Spanish | Urdu.
The Office of Ethnic Communities communities

Translated resources
> Māori | Te Reo Māori
> New Zealand Sign Language
> Arabic | عربي
> Simplified Chinese | 简体中文
> Cook Islands Māori | Te Reo Māori Kuki ‘Āirani
> Farsi | فارسی
> Fijian | Vosa Vakaviti
> Hindi | हिन्दी
> Kiribati | Te taetae ni Kiribati
> Korean | 한국어
> Niuean | Vagahau Niue
> Punjabi | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ
> Rotuman | Fäeag Rotųam
> Samoan | Gagana Samoa
> Tuvaluan | Te Gana Tuvalu
> Spanish | Español
> Tokelauan | Te Gagana Tokelau
> Tongan | Lea Faka Tonga
> Somali | Af-Soomaali

 Visa extensions

  • Holders of a work, student, or visitor visa with an expiry date of 1 April 2020 or earlier who are unable to leave New Zealand must apply online for a new visa. An interim visa will be issued.
  • Holders of a work, student, visitor, limited or interim visa with an expiry date of 2 April to 9 July 2020 inclusive who are in New Zealand on 2 April 2020 will have their visas automatically extended to 25 September 2020. Confirmation of extensions will be emailed to all visa holders.

Visa extension confirmations

  • If your visa has been extended you should have received a confirmation email from Immigration New Zealand. We used the most recent email address that you provided to us.
  • If you have not received this and you think you should have, it may be because we did not have your current email address. Please check your email address in case it is there.
  • We suggest you confirm your visa expiry date by checking the Visa Verification Service on our website. Visa verification service

Hamilton-based community organisations are doubling down to provide local people with health and wellbeing support during COVID-19. To find out more and to get some people visit Here to Help U

Hi, I’m Jackie. I have worked with Migrant Employment solutions since 2015 and it is the most exciting and satisfying job I could ever wish for. I constantly meet wonderful new clients starting out on their search for a job in New Zealand and settling into the Kiwi lifestyle. The enthusiasm and dedication they show towards the journey never ceases to amaze me. My role is to work with skilled migrants seeking employment and build relationships and networks with employers and recruiters.


Hi I’m Susan and I have been supporting skilled migrants on their journey into the New Zealand workforce for a number of years so I understand the challenges that many face when looking for work in a very different environment. I really enjoy the chance to meet and spend time getting to know our clients, tailoring our service to meet their individual job seeking needs until they secure meaningful employment. For me, the best part of my job is meeting amazing job seekers from all over the world with great qualifications and work experience who really want to settle here and contribute to the Hamilton economy.


Kia ora, my name is Aroha and I have been working with Migrant Employment Solutions since 2016. I thoroughly enjoy supporting and working with clients from all over the world, using their great skills and experience plus our knowledge of the New Zealand job market to find employment. Being a part of my clients employment journey is very rewarding and as a (fairly) recent graduate myself, I know firsthand the struggles and rewards that come with finding a job you love.