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A service of the Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust

Providing Solutions in over
60 languages

Our Ethics

  • Accuracy

  • Confidentiality

  • Impartiality

  • Professionalism

  • Cross-Cultural understanding

About Us

Decypher is the only professional interpreting/translating agency in the Waikato and is the main source of language support for the Waikato Hospital, the Waikato and Bay of Plenty Courts, the NZ Police, various prisons, the Immigration Department and other key clients.

Decypher was established by the Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust (the HMS Trust) in 1999, as the Hamilton Interpreting Service (HIS) out of concern for the gaps between basic services and people of different cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Their strategic focus was to help refugees and immigrants settle successfully by improving access to these services; and creating awareness amongst receiving communities.

Today Decypher has a team of over 200 professional interpreters that have been trained by Decypher to work specifically in a community setting (as opposed to working in very formal settings for such agencies as the United Nations etc). We cover over 60 languages and carry out an average of 750-800 assignments per month in the Waikato and surrounding regions.

Interpreting/Translation in the Business World
Decypher provides interpreters regularly to businesses to assist with communication in a wide variety of situations. Some of these are to support international visitors, aid with the installation and/or maintenance of plant or equipment where international contractors are being used, and HR meetings with staff who have English as a second language.

Decypher also has a group of regular corporate clients that require the translation of various written documents including legal documents, mechanical service manual, website scripts and medical records.As part of its commitment to its clients, Decypher provides training and mentoring for anyone that is new to working with interpreters.

What is an Interpreter?

An interpreter is someone who relays spoken messages where language is a barrier to communication; and is often called upon to work in communities, private settings, the Health, Justice, Immigration and other Government Ministries.

Decypher provides a Consecutive Interpreting service. The interpreter allows the speaker to complete a thought or statement before giving an interpretation.

Types of interpreting available are:

Face to face Interpreting

Decypher interpreters visit the client and relay accurately and completely in the first person what each party says in an appointment. Face-to-face interpretations are usually done at the service provider’s location. The interpreter is present in person with both persons for whom interpreting is provided.

Video Interpreting

Video Interpreting offers a more effective service when Face to Face Interpreting isn’t possible.  Video Interpreting is also carried out remotely so eliminates travel costs.

Telephone Interpreting

Interpreting is carried out remotely with the interpreter connected by telephone to one or both of the parties. Telephone interpretations can take place from any location.

Clients appointment confirmation and confirmation of language spoken

Decypher interpreters can phone your client:

  • To confirm the date and the time of appointment;
  • To relay a message;
  • To confirm the language your client speaks.

Interpreting Fees

Interpreting Fees as at September 2021
All fees are GST exclusive

Office Hours

(8am to 8pm Monday to Friday)

Face to face
First hour………………..$107.00 (minimum charge)
Subsequent time………$25 per 15 minutes

Telephone / Video
Phone-  per 15 minutes………..$30.00 (minimum charge)
Video – per 30 minutes……. ….$50.00 (minimum charge)

After Hours

(8pm to 8am Monday to Friday, all weekends & public holidays)

Face to Face
First hour…………………$130.00 (minimum charge)
Subsequent time……….$30 per 15 minutes

Phone – per 15 minutes………..$35.00 (minimum charge)
Video – per 30 minutes…. …….$60.00 (minimum charge)

Cancellations & Reschedules

Face to Face
Less than 2 hours notice………….100% of total booking
2 to 24 hours notice…………………90% of total booking

Telephone/Video Service
Less than 2 hours notice………….100% of total booking

Other charges

Telephone confirmation……..$20.00 per phone call
Mileage……………………………..$0.82 per km (only applies for assignments outside City boundary, or after hours)
Travel time…………………………$65.00 per hour (only applies for assignments outside City boundary)
Over night Allowance…………$50 per night

Community Rate

for Not-for-profit organisations

Face to Face
Hourly rate – Office hours……..$52.00 (minimum charge)
Hourly rate – After hours……..$70.00 (minimum charge)

Telephone/Video Services
Phone- per 15 minutes……………$20.00 (minimum charge)
Phone – per 15 minutes (after hours)………….$25.00 (minimum charge)
Video – per 30 minutes……………$30.00 (minimum charge)
Video – per 30 minutes (after hours)………….$35.00 (minimum charge)

Cancellation fee with less than 4 hours notice…….$52 (100% of first hour)

** Note When the actual time of an assignment is significantly less than the booked time Decypher may charge for the difference. There will be a minimum charge of $107.00 for the first hour of the booking, any subsequent hours booked will be charged at $100.00 per hour. Reasonable expenses (eg parking) will be on-charged.

**All fees are subject to a public holiday surcharge

What is translating?

It is the act or process of converting documents from one language to another.

Decypher can translate most documents

  • For immigration;
  • Personal documents;
  • Legal documents;
  • Magazines
  • International Driver’ Licences

International Driver’s Licences:

Decypher can now translate international driver’s licences. This service is approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency and is provided in collaboration with Echo Translating & Interpreting Service. For more information or to use this service contact us

An urgent service is available.

Decypher will provide a free quote. Please visit Decypher’s office or e-mail your document to

Translating Fees

All fees are GST exclusive

Hourly Rate – business…………………..$70.00 (minimum charge)
Hourly Rate – private individual……….$60.00 (minimum charge)
Urgent Rate (within 48 hours)…………$90.00 per hour (minimum charge)
Driver licence translation……………..$52.16 ($60 GST incl)

Community Rates

for Not-for-profit organisations

Translation Hourly Rate……………….$60.00 (minimum charge)

Interpreting Languages Available

Bislama (Vanuatu)
Cambodian / Khmer
Cook Island Maori
Farsi / Persian
Fiji Hindi
Isindebele Nbebele

Our Staff/ Contact Us

Phone – 07 853 0480

After hours Phone– 027 479 2419

Fax – (07) 838 2195

Language Services Partner
Abdullah Hussaini

Team Lead
Divya Anand (Hindi / Punjabi / Urdu)

Accounts Assistant
Terri Tauliili (Samoan)
Shivangi Kachhala (Gujarati / Hindi)

Shivangi Kachhala (Gujarati / Hindi)

Interpreter Coordinators
Nguyet Nguyen Thi Nhu (Vietnamese)
Rebecca Morris (Mandarin / Cantonese)
Lubna Jubran (Arabic)
Hasna Khachouni (Arabic)

Translation Coordinator
Ruby Liu (Mandarin / Cantonese)

t: +64 7 853 2192
f: +64 7 853 0469
Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust
46G Boundary Road, Claudelands Park, Hamilton 3214, PO Box 4340,
Hamilton 3247, New Zealand
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Hi, I’m Jackie. I have worked with Migrant Employment solutions since 2015 and it is the most exciting and satisfying job I could ever wish for. I constantly meet wonderful new clients starting out on their search for a job in New Zealand and settling into the Kiwi lifestyle. The enthusiasm and dedication they show towards the journey never ceases to amaze me. My role is to work with skilled migrants seeking employment and build relationships and networks with employers and recruiters.


Hi I’m Susan and I have been supporting skilled migrants on their journey into the New Zealand workforce for a number of years so I understand the challenges that many face when looking for work in a very different environment. I really enjoy the chance to meet and spend time getting to know our clients, tailoring our service to meet their individual job seeking needs until they secure meaningful employment. For me, the best part of my job is meeting amazing job seekers from all over the world with great qualifications and work experience who really want to settle here and contribute to the Hamilton economy.


Kia ora, my name is Aroha and I have been working with Migrant Employment Solutions since 2016. I thoroughly enjoy supporting and working with clients from all over the world, using their great skills and experience plus our knowledge of the New Zealand job market to find employment. Being a part of my clients employment journey is very rewarding and as a (fairly) recent graduate myself, I know firsthand the struggles and rewards that come with finding a job you love.