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HMS Trust Bike Programme

Free bike education training at different levels


We offer a range of free bike trainings at different levels throughout the year. Our Bike Training is open to anyone in the community aged 13 years old and over ( any participant under the age of 18 requires parental/ legal guardian consent to participate).


Come and learn to ride a bike, learn new skills, build confidence and learn a range of safety tips.

Our Programme is funded by Hamilton City Council.

Bike Path

Our Bike Trainings


This level is for those who have never ridden a bike or don’t know how to ride a bike yet.

You will learn to ride a bike, balance, stop and start riding by yourself.

HMS Trust Bike training
Bikes and helmets are provided during our bike trainings

Grade 1

For those that have just learnt to ride, and can stop and start by themselves. This training is focused on building confidence and skills. We also offer Grade 1 advanced, for those who are just about ready to start riding on the road.

HMS Trust Bike training

Grade 2

For confident riders who have good biking skills and want to ride on the road. You will learn the road safety rules and how to ride in different traffic conditions  with confidence.

Contact us to find out more or to register your interest by emailing or call us on 07 853 2192

HMS Trust on road bike training
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