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Journeys of Cultural Identity and Heritage through Art
A reflection of the shared humanity in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton

SCW New build drawing
SCW New Build drawing

The Settlement Centre Waikato (SCW) is a place of unity and one which welcomes all people, regardless of their religious or political beliefs, ethnicity or country of origin.

A key feature of the redeveloped SCW are the ethnic panels that externally wrap the building like a cloak. They are a symbol of diversity, inclusion, unity and our shared humanity here in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton.  


Each panel is designed by a local ethnic artist and represents a personal journey through art, showcasing aspects of one’s own unique heritage and culture.


The invitation to participate was open to the communities HMS Trust support which includes migrants and former refugees of ethnic backgrounds. Public engagement was undertaken in mid 2023. And following on from this we received submissions from community members who wanted to take part in the project.

The result of the creativity, hard work, and dedication over the course of a year, from a multitude of local ethnic artists, celebrates and showcases the diversity of Kirikiriroa, Hamilton.


This is an artistic celebration of cultural identity, which is made up of memories, traditions, and heritage bringing together the shared humanity of people who have made Aotearoa, New Zealand home.


The Settlement Centre Waikato is a safe, accessible, and peaceful space in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton, New Zealand - where people come for a better life and brighter future. 


Thank you to all the amazing local artists who gave their time and have contributed to making this a reality.  

SCW new Build.png

Ethnic Panel Design Brief 

Design an artwork panel that represents your community based on the theme “JOURNEY”. 

  • The concept and meaning behind your design should depict a narrative of what the theme means to you or you community.

  •  The theme “journey” can be interpreted in many ways e.g; it can reflect travel or migration, a journey through time or place, evolution, a mix of culture, or finding a new home.

  • A journey to new beginnings and hope for a better life. There are many ways to interpret and be inspired by this theme.  


Artists were asked to create a decorative pattern showcasing aspects of their own culture, with no reference to religion, country flags, text, writing or portraits.

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