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Working with families to support access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy
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About the Service

Every home is different in terms of how it performs and what needs to be done to make it warmer, dryer and healthier for the people living in it.

  • Properly installed insulation

  • Getting the right type of heating

  • Ventilation to remove damp stale air

  • Stopping the draughts

  • Changes in behavior


Energy Navigator

Phone: 027 700 6200


Services we provide

  • In-home assessment

  • Assistance in switching energy provider

  • Healthy home workshops

  • Budget support & workshops

  • Digital literacy assistance

  • Affordable Energy workshops

Are you in a healthy home?

  •  Is your home insulated – floor and ceiling?

  • Have you got heating in your living space and bedrooms?

  •  Do you have curtains on your windows?

  •  Does your home feel dry?

  •  Are your walls mould free?

  • Does your home feel warm at night?

  • Are your windows dry on the inside in the mornings?

If you have answered No to any of these, contact us for a home visit.

Home Visit

We can come to your home and show you how you can achieve a healthy home.

We can look at ways –

  • To keep your home warm over winter

  • How to use your heater and appliances efficiently

  • How to cover all your windows cost effectively

  • How to stop any draughts coming in

  • How to reduce moisture in your home

  • Check that your home is meeting the Healthy Home standards if you are in a rental property 

Affordable Energy Project is resourced by  WEL Energy Trust .


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