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Settlement Centre Waikato Build

A Fit for Purpose Space

A long term goal of HMS Trust will be realised in the coming years.

Progress Update for Settlement Centre Building project

HMS Trust has made a significant step forward with the Settlement Centre building project.  The Board of Trustees has approved to proceed with the request for tenders for the refurbishment of the existing building and the new extension.

This is an exciting step forward for the Trust as we move closer to our long-term strategic goal of providing a fit for purpose building to resource the needs of ethnic communities in Hamilton.   


Architect and Project Manager: Peddle Thorp

The remodelling and expansion of the Settlement Centre has been a long term goal of HMS Trust since 2012 with the intent of creating a fit for purpose, welcoming and modern environment to support settlement sector agencies and ethnic community groups to settle successfully. HMS Trust has been in consultation with Hamilton City Council and other stakeholders throughout the past eight years. Business cases have been developed and two feasibility studies (one in 2014 and one in 2020) were undertaken, along with extensive community consultation and consideration of options.

The project has transitioned over the past eight years from a hub concept in collaboration with a number of other community organisations, to moving premises, to a community facility in Fairfield, to a footprint expansion which would approximately double the current facility size. All of this activity has resulted in plans to extend the footprint of the Settlement Centre which was approved by Hamilton City Council in September 2020. With this decision the Trust had the ability to move forward and design a building which would deliver on the long term goal and meet the expectations of all who have been on this journey.

In November of 2020, the Trust appointed Peddle Thorp as both Lead Architect and Project Manager for the building project. We also secured a significant grant from Trust Waikato to add to the Trust’s reserves. With this in place and positive conversations with other funders, the Trustees decided to progress the project.

Resource consent has been approved and we expect building consent to be granted along with a number of registrations of interest for the building project.

Next year will be an exciting time for the Trust to see this long term goal become a reality and for the ethnic communities and sector agencies to have a Turangawaewae that the City of Hamilton can be proud of.

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