When women flourish so do families and communities.

About Us

Flourish is a leadership development programme for aspiring leaders from our ethnic communities. It is a 10 month long programme that is run annually for women from both migrant and refugee background that focuses on growing the skills and confidence of women to act as positive change-makers, in their workplaces and their community. The project involves women looking to learn more and improve leadership knowledge, women who want to empower others to do better, and women who will provide support and act as mentors.

Programme themes

Identity & Belonging: Understanding who you are, where you fit and being home
Leading for Change: Principles for developing the skills and assurance to be a leader
Civic Engagement: Growing community through action
Self-management: Building on personal strengths and practicing sustainable self-care
Cultural Intelligence: Navigating bias and cultural differences
Communication: Connecting with purpose, clarity and confidence
Advocacy: Standing for yourself and others
Building Networks and Alliances: Strategically engaging with influencers
Governance: Participating in responsible and responsive governance
Collaboration: Together we are more (six-month group project)

Our Funders

Office of Ethnic Communities has provided funding for our initiative. We expect to have an ongoing support from OEC to continue the delivery of the programme annually.

The impact that our participants made through their projects was greatly appreciated by the target audience. The programme started in February 2019 and was successfully completed by 19 participants. As part of the programme, the participants had to work on a group project. The projects were to be chosen based on Frances Hesselbein quote, “What is it that you see, that is visible, but not yet seen by others.”


The project component of this leadership programme is designed to get participants thinking about a problem and then work as a group to develop strategies, create manageable goals and implement change. The projects allow participants to work together with different people from different cultures sharing opinions and perspectives.

Shahamat Online

A Project by:
Bita Soltanian, Shivangi Kachhala and Jeanie Tseng

The reason we decided to do this project was so that other migrant ethnic women in Hamilton New Zealand could read these stories and get inspired to begin their own journey to becoming successful and more confident women.
Shahamat Online aims to build confidence in migrant ethnic women of Hamilton, New Zealand. 
Our goal is to tell the stories of migrant ethnic women and how they adjusted to life in Hamilton New Zealand by overcoming difficulties they faced to become successful and more confident.

If you would like any further information feel free to ask for more, thank you and that is so exciting to have a website! https://www.shahamat.online/

Jeanie Tseng
E-mail: jeanie.tseng@gmail.com
Mobile: +64 21 207 9851

A New Beginning

A Project by:
Bola, Venus, and Nguyet

Moving to a new country can be a life-changing opportunity, bringing equal parts of excitement and fear. At an early stage, it is usually very hard to get adjusted, find jobs, make friends, know where (or even how) to seek help, to finally settle down and create your familiar and comforting space. The settlement journey can last very long and often, along the way, new settlers, especially women, can feel isolated and disconnected and cannot create a sense of belonging to the new country.

We were once new to New Zealand and to Hamilton and our settlement journey was not easy. We once had difficulties – did not know where to start from, did not know where to get help, did not know how to make new friends. We chose the project so that we share our experience with new women settlers and help women to feel less isolated and get more connected during their early days of settlement in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The booklet we created will provide newcomers to Hamilton with some initial helpful information to start with.
This booklet is not intended to showcase a comprehensive list of organisations that offer help and services to newcomers, but rather a list of those that we think they might be helpful based on our experience.

Here you can find a our booklet in a range of languages:

Our Words and Actions Matter

A project by:
Hibaq Umar, Lana Nimmo, Merzia Mehdi, Natasha Stephens , Prosperine Kadiya, and Vandana Stringer

Real stories of people from New Zealand were heard and compiled in the form of a booklet. Six flourish women came together to highlight the impact of causal racism on people of their communities. The purpose of the booklet is to explain what casual racism means, and spread awareness of its existence in New Zealand. The stories address consequences of words and actions on people who are targeted. There are tools and tips on how to respond to it in a constructive way and links to some helpful online resources.

Suitable for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
Hard copies can be requested by email: flourishadmin@hmstrust.org.nz Or call: 07 8532192

Flourishing Gardens

A project by:
Sanjeeka Ratnam, Faataualofa Smith, Pratika Singh

The Project Flourishing Gardens was about encouraging our target group (10 Samoan Mums/ their families) to have a backyard garden.
This helps families to have a healthy nutritious diet consisting of fresh garden vegetables. This also saves some money for the family.

The team kicked start the project by growing 10 garden boxes for each family and planted winter veg and herbs.
10 gardening handbook was compiled about growing a backyard garden, New Zealand seasonal fruits and vegetables, meal prep ideas and gardening tips. A 10 minutes video was made showing step by step guide of putting a gardening box together. A workshop was also held to gift these things to the families. we held 3 gardens inspections showing how to care for the garden.
At the end the team concluded with a food demonstration using the vegetables and herbs grown in the garden box with families.


Graduation is the time for the Flourish participants to present their projects to the group.  This is followed by a ceremony in the evening that family and friends can come along to celebrate with the graduating Flourish participants.

Contact us:

Email: flourishadmin@hmstrust.org.nz Or call: 07 8532192

Hi, I’m Jackie. I have worked with Migrant Employment solutions since 2015 and it is the most exciting and satisfying job I could ever wish for. I constantly meet wonderful new clients starting out on their search for a job in New Zealand and settling into the Kiwi lifestyle. The enthusiasm and dedication they show towards the journey never ceases to amaze me. My role is to work with skilled migrants seeking employment and build relationships and networks with employers and recruiters.


Hi I’m Susan and I have been supporting skilled migrants on their journey into the New Zealand workforce for a number of years so I understand the challenges that many face when looking for work in a very different environment. I really enjoy the chance to meet and spend time getting to know our clients, tailoring our service to meet their individual job seeking needs until they secure meaningful employment. For me, the best part of my job is meeting amazing job seekers from all over the world with great qualifications and work experience who really want to settle here and contribute to the Hamilton economy.


Kia ora, my name is Aroha and I have been working with Migrant Employment Solutions since 2016. I thoroughly enjoy supporting and working with clients from all over the world, using their great skills and experience plus our knowledge of the New Zealand job market to find employment. Being a part of my clients employment journey is very rewarding and as a (fairly) recent graduate myself, I know firsthand the struggles and rewards that come with finding a job you love.